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Everyone at Nester Furniture believes in the importance of a comfortable living space. Your home is your sanctuary and should suit your lifestyle.

Good design is key. Your furniture is an essential part of setting the mood, regardless of the size of your home. Smart functional pieces definitely benefit small spaces, but can also increase the functionality of larger spaces.

Some homes have large pieces of furniture that sit dusty and take up valuable floor space – like a dining room table. Tables take up quite a bit of real estate, especially when you consider how often they are used. Utilizing your space more effectively means you can downsize to that smaller space or repurpose that dining room. By using furniture that adapts to your needs, flexibility is literally at your fingertips.

With one small console table – The KAMELEON – we have your solution. The first KAMELEON was built in 2009. Designed out of necessity by one of our founding partners, the KAMELEON was built to integrate seamlessly into a combination living room/dining room. It needed to be stylish in the room and functional enough to become the centerpiece when it was time to entertain. The design enabled the homeowners to utilize their full living room when the Kameleon was in its nested state and enjoy a full size dining room table when extended. The flexibility of this expandable table was admired by enough guests to prompt the beginning of Nester Furniture.

The table’s patent-pending design is the heart of its versatility. It adapts to suit your lifestyle. It is big when you need it to be, small when you don’t. And because all of the table pieces nest together, you don’t need to store leaves around your home!

Our multi-purpose furniture is ideal for homes, condos, apartments, cottages – anywhere -- because it has your lifestyle in mind. Tables can be customized with different leg styles and finishes.

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